The Jisonin temple was founded 1,200 years ago when Mt. Koya was established.

Inside we have installed an audio-visual space with a special concept movie* and experience contents to help make a connection between the visitor and the Miroku Buddha, the principle Buddha of the Jisonin temple.

The mausoleum of Jisonin is registered as a world heritage site and the pilgrimage trails to Mt. Koya begin at the Jisonin tmple. The trail is marked by many stone signpost stupas (choishi) which stand every 109 meters along the path so that pilgrims can find their way. The marker stupas have been formed to represent the five Buddhist elements: earth, water, fire, air and void.Just as it was in the past, to walk the pilgrimage path from Jisonin means entering the mandara world of Shingon esoteric Buddhism.


* The special concept movie is only available for a reserved group visitors. The purchase of a mirrored charm at temple office is required to experience the Buddha connection presentation.

  • Date :
    2019.09.14 –
  • Venue :
    慈尊院 Jisonin
  • client :
    女人高野 別格本山 慈尊院 Jisonin
  • Produced by :
  • Director & Visual :
    Colo Müller / COSMIC LAB

  • Project manager :
    Izumi Takara / COSMIC LAB

  • Visual :
    240K / COSMIC LAB

  • Programming :
    Ben / COSMIC LAB

  • Music Compose :
    Plant Records (DJ YASA/NAO-K)

  • Animation :
    Kazuhiro Maeda / Jamgraph Production
    Aki Murasawa / Jamgraph Production
    mou / COSMIC LAB

  • Modeling :

  • Technical Support :
    Suga koubou Co.,Ltd.

  • Voice :

  • Charm design :

  • Special Thanks :
    別格本山 西南院
    木下浩良 高野山大学