沖縄で開催された「やんばるアートフェスティバル2020-2021」オープニングショーケースとしてDOPPEL×COSMIC LAB による全編30分のパフォーマンスを披露。


As the opening showcase of the Yanbaru Art Festival 2020-2021 held in Okinawa, DOPPEL x COSMIC LAB presented a 30-minute performance.

The sensibility of “drawing”, which is produced by human hands with solid skills, and the visual world which develops musically, are mutually inspired and expanded. The flicker of the soul is transferred to the canvas, and a new story is spun in the world of XR (Expanded Reality) in this mixed media art.

  • Date :
    2021.01.23 –
  • Venue :
    沖縄県 大宜味村立旧塩屋小学校(大宜味ユーティリティセンター)
  • Organize :
  • やんばるアートフェスティバル実行委員会

  • Produced by :
  • Doppel × COSMICLAB
  • Director & Live XRVJ:
    Colo Müller / COSMIC LAB

  • AR Camera:
    240K /COSMIC LAB

  • Project manager:
    Izumi Takara / COSMIC LAB


  • Music Compose : HARIKUYAMAKU